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 Bertoia Photo

 Departure from Tokyo, the Shoegazer&Indie Pop Band, Bertoia consists of 5 people.
 Their roots are from 80090's US and UK scene that they have been developing
 their own way to create Bertoia music.
 They formed in 2007 and long-awaited first album just released
 in April 2011 "MODERN SYNTHESIS" by Bertoia now on sell.

 ※Takumi from Bertoia has another Electronica Unit called >"swimmingpoo1"
  also Mai (G/Vo) of Bertoia plays a Neo Acoustic / Guitar Pop Unit called >"murmur".

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  >live show report

  Thanks J Geeks!!

 ・Shokk (Yuta Ikawa) : bass, guitar, keybord

 ・Mai Tsuyutani (murmur) : vocal, guitar, glockenspiel

 ・Takumi Negishi : electronics

 ・Yu : guitar

 ・Toshiyasu Imamura : drums


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